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VISION: A Unified World Where Communities Thrive

MISSION: Being a catalyst to eliminate UNnecessary Trauma from the world through trauma sensitivity education and training

PURPOSE: Being the radical stimulus to unearth the truth that needs to be spoken and heard at this point in time.

VALUES: Truth / Compassion / Integrity / Courage / Connection / Empathy / Authenticity / Justice / Empowerment / Unity

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Linda

Linda Conyard is Australia's leading pioneer advocating for socio-political trauma-sensitive change and informed responsiveness to UNnecessary trauma in the Health, Education, Justice and Government sectors. She recognises the transgenerational effect collective trauma has on our current society and is at the leading edge of healing and transformation.

As a society here in Australia we are experiencing great suffering that only appears to be on the increase. Our social issues such as Domestic & Family Violence, Mental Health and the health of the public are all worsening. Many of our workplaces are toxic and in over 2 decades of research and observations in her own workplaces, Linda found that a high percentage of workplaces experience staff burnout, stress, increased sick days taken, staff dissatisfaction, decreased productivity, bullying, poor staff morale which has a massive impact on the bottomline. These issues are not only harming the fabric of society, they are also costing us increasingly phenomenal amounts of money for zero improvement. We absolutely need to do something different!

Linda creates her programs with the intention of getting to the core of the issue, which means that her view not only looks at the current presentation of the challenge, it also takes into consideration the collective transgenerational unresolved trauma that remains unresolved and is currently impacting every aspect of our society.

Healing Humanity Through Truth® is my research project exploring what is needed for unity between Aboriginal and White Australians. The initial phase of the project will be facilitating 24 systemic constellation days run over 2 years. Each monthly systemic constellation day will seek to unearth what the next step is toward healing the white lineage from an unresolved collective cultural trauma perspective.

Healing Humanity Through Truth® is bringing into reality a Retreat Centre and Animal Refuge that has been a 20 plus year dream of Linda's. She first drew the Retreat Centre over 25 years ago and feels she has everything she needs academically and emotionally to be able to see this vision come to reality. Linda's vision for the Retreat Centre is that the decision makers from Australia can come and immerse themselves in the process away from their normal environment.
Linda has always rescued animals and aspires to creating a much more impactful enterprise helping traumatised animals recover and live free of suffering and experience safety and love.

Linda believes we do not need one more person creating the same solution we repeatedly see. Linda offers the opportunity to look through a different lens for solutions.

Linda’s daughter's trauma at the very young age of 6 months was from a diagnosis of bi-lateral retinoblastoma, which is a rare childhood cancer that affects the retina in the eye (she survived and was left totally blind by the age of 3) and the unfolding and recognition of her own significant and long term childhood trauma led her to her studies and subsequently her own trauma recovery. She became the therapist she wished she could have found. She is determined to change the trajectory of trauma on a collective, cultural, community, family and individual level and eliminate all UNnecessary trauma through education and training in trauma sensitivity.

Linda believes that change needs to occur at leadership levels within the Health, Education, Justice and Government level to be able to make the sustainable change that is needed to be able to resolve our societal issues.

Linda aims to allocate 20% of her business to those who cannot afford full fees and offers fee reduction and pay what you can services. She also opens up her services when there is a community crisis.


I continually seek to expand my learning in areas that support trauma recovery and return to wholeness. 
I'm particularly interested in healing the collective cultural trauma that runs through our DNA across generations.

I have been in my own business since 2006 and have had many versions of what I offer which reflects my studies and interests. I can see how every step within my business has been critical for the work I am currently doing in Healing Humanity Through Truth®. I can see the importance of my own trauma recovery work and the years of sitting with those who also wanted to free themselves of old repeating patterns that no longer serve them.

Academic (Psychotherapy)
  • ​Master Gestalt Therapy
  • ​Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy
Trauma & Trans-generational Specific
  • Family Constellation Facilitator
  • Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Facilitator
  • Yoga Teacher (focus on Trauma Sensitive Practices)
  • ​Trauma Informed Care and Practice
  • ​Telephone Counselling - Life Line
  • Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Community Recovery Training - Psychological First Aid
  • ​Mental Health First Aid
  • Diploma of Business Management
  • Product Creation
  • Business Building
  • Speaking
  • ​Webinar Creation
  • ​Wealth Building
  • ​Marketing & Sales Funnels
Health & Wellbeing
  • ​Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
  • Pranic Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
End-of-Life Care
  • Family Support Volunteer Training (Volunteer since 2007)
  • Spiritual Care with the Dying (Level 1 & 2)
  • Midwifing Death - Amici Mortis (Friend of the Dying)
  • ​Contemplative End-of-Life Care
  • ​Phowa Practitioner (Buddhist Practice for Time of Death)
Community Contributions
  • Karuna Hospice Family Support Volunteer
  • Karuna Hospice Volunteer Specialist Field Trainer
  • Samford Support Network
  • ​Mentoring For Growth & Mentoring For Recovery
  • ​Sister Project (Griffith Uni Program for at risk Women)
  • Oncology Massage
  • Senior First Aid (not current)
  • Working with Children Blue Card
  • ​RAAF - Mustering: Commsop (Communications Operator)
  • ​​PhD in Hindsight!! - We've all got one of these ;) Our lived experience and inner work.

Professional Member of:

  • PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)
  • ​GANZ (Gestalt Australia & New Zealand)
  • ​ANZMHA (Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Association)
  • ​ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association)
  • Ayruvedic Institute
  • ​IICT (International Systemic Constellations Association)

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