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I am creating and building a library of resources to support you on your path of getting to know who you truly are. There will be an array of audio files such as meditations, PDFs, eBooks, worksheets, and more, some free and some requiring payment. Let me know if you have an idea of something you would like me to create, and I'll see what I can do. Linda :)
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Experience the liberation of your mind when you inhabit your body, and know the boundless potential that arises from recognising who you truly are. Join a supportive group who are wanting the freedom to live their life fully.

Private 1:1

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Looking for laser focus on what is in your way? You can book your private 1:1 mentoring sessions here. You have several options available for your convenience and consistency with your preferred time slot.

with Linda

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This is an opportunity to spend a concentrated block of time with Linda to deep dive into your most challenging situations with laser focus.

Either 1/2-a-day or full-day options are available.

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This 12-week group online program for women will help you uncover what is at the core of your repeating patterns that keep you from living your full potential. The group is capped at a maximum of 12 women to ensure all needs are met.
"The World will be Saved by the Western Woman." The Dalai Lama


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Trauma Sensitivity Training for Workplaces. This is a professional development program that is created for your specific workplace. The data from our survey informs the training content.

Speaking /

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Are you putting together your conference? Or are you looking for professional development? 

I would be delighted to talk with you to see if we are a good fit for your event. 


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Constellations connect to the bigger field of your ancestors. We can explore any issue you are struggling with using this lens that is not very often considered. It is amazing what can show up in these sessions. 


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Healing Humanity Through Truth is a project that works with the bigger collective field to explore the symptoms of unresolved trauma from a collective perspective.

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." John F. Kennedy

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All information provided throughout this website is purely for education purposes only.  Anyone wanting to make changes to their health and wellbeing needs to connect with their own health professional. If you chooses to implement any ideas provided here you do so of your own accord and risk. Linda Conyard cannot take responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm from the use or dissemination of the information provided on this website. 

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