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I don't know about you but I spent many years and thousands of dollars (I actually don't want to know exactly how much) on coaching programmes and coaching.

Did you notice that the information is all the same thing just with a bit of a twist? I did!

I would think, if I have to go through finding my avatar or my ideal audience once more I'm going to scream. If I got told once more I have to use all these social media platforms....aaaargh! A lot of the advice given to business owners is based on the mechanics of business. If you are like I was, you are probably spending close to 100% of your time on the mechanics of your business...which I realized really doesn't make the significant changes we seek.

Sure there is a place for this work BUT all of this still wasn't making the change in my business that I wanted to see. That's why we keep searching for a solution.

I would like to invite you to consider this different equation - 20% mechanics and 80% psychological!

Imagine building your business with this different approach! Can you even picture what it would look like?

Firstly, it would look different for everyone. For example not everyone's money story is the same, therefore, to make the most change for you we need to uncover your individual money story. I don't know how many times I have heard my clients or workshop participants say something like "I've worked on my money issues and feel like that's sorted", only to find when working with me that there is something even deeper in their money story that was still out of their awareness.

Secondly, this work will change the way that you view your world. It opens up possibilities and understanding that often surprises my clients.

And thirdly, this work is very experiential, which means that we move away from what we intellectually know to be the truth and explore what the body's intelligence says. To learn to listen and trust their instinct can be a difficult step for people .

If you are sick of being on the treadmill of sameness, then you may be interested in a Business Health Consultation with me. Let me show you a different way to make your business the success you want it to be.
Business Mentoring
* Align * Flow * Success
Transforming unresolved psycho-emotional and generational patterns
that stop you from realising your full business potential
Testimonial: Linda Conyard has been the catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms, both professionally and personally. I thought my corporate career was as finely tuned as I could hope for when I sought Linda’s help on a personal issue. A few months later my business life has changed intrinsically with huge freedom and sustainability. Her approach across all areas and levels has led to a profound change in my business success and results. This has occurred through becoming aware of my personal limitations and translating this through some excellent strategies from Linda to my work environment. Challenging but so incredibly simple! Caroline

Testimonial: Wow Linda Conyard from Rainbow Atma presented us with some very real, very raw and really highlighted some points that business owners are in denial with. What a fantastic presentation to engage a thought process so many leave out of their successes or business building priorities. Thank you for reminding us to bring these wonderful thoughts and emotions to the forefront of day to day running of business. Your vulnerability to express your own personal journey during this presentation was so relative to all of us and the persistance to work on ourselves daily to be taken very seriously. You were a pleasure to listen to and your insight to inner work above and beyond most business owners priorities. Thank you . Donna

2018 Master Class 
Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs
VIP Day - Just you and me!
Boost your Business.
Testimonial: I was pleasantly surprised to hear Linda also offered business mentoring! Which couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. I believe I am smart enough to do anything I dream of, but like most, I suffer from an annoying disease called self sabotage. I walked away from the session with clear next steps to take to reach my goal. I really gained clarity on how short my deadline was and what I needed to do to meet it. I am looking forward to working more with her on this. Lucy

Testimonial: Linda’s time with me helped me to develop a sustainable program for my business. Through brainstorming and using visual aids, Linda helped me to see and develop my vision for my business. It has been a great process and really helped me to see a clear way forward. Very helpful and insightful. Thanks so much Linda.  Maria

Testimonial: Working with Linda gave me valuable insights into who I am in my new consulting business and what I bring with me from my previous businesses and roles. Linda encouraged me to look below the surface to see how I can tap into my passion for small businesses and use my unique magic to help my clients achieve the outcomes they seek. Dianne

For Organisations/Groups
Bringing balance to workplace and group systems
Team Building
Any manager will know the importance of having a team that is cohesive and works well together.

We all know this doesn't always happen!

There are many reasons for this and I feel pretty confident that you won't have considered what I work with.
Professional Development
Professional Development is essential to keep your staff engaged and interested. It is also an investment into your business or organisation.

Having staff who want to learn and contribute to your vision and mission is an asset that keeps giving. You can't put a price on that in your business.

Are you looking for a speaker who can offer a different way to view business and what is i the way of having the successful business you desire?

Then Linda will certainly give you that!

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Testimonial: This morning's Chamber breakfast gave members and guests something to think about as they went off to their respective businesses. Linda Conyard from Rainbow Atma informed us all of the benefits and necessity of performing Inner Work if we are to succeed as entrepreneurs- by removing blockages and focussing on intention to succeed. Thank you Linda for an incredibly important discussion about taking care of business for ourselves and how this will positively impact our businesses. Hills Chamber Facebook Page

 I have had the pleasure of having Linda facilitate at my Yoga workshop. Linda has a wealth of experience and her down to earth, heartfelt wisdom is always expressed in her workshops with warmth, compassion and genuine caring. Her techniques are simple and effective and cater to individual needs. Linda Conyard is the mentor every business owner has been looking for.

Testimonial: Linda Conyard facilitated a gathering of women at Womenspace in early 2016. Linda's prompt assistance in responding to all communications and assistance in supporting Womenspace is clear indication of Linda's good nature, professionalism and kind heartedness. Thank you for supporting Womenspace.

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