Come & Try 1 Class for $12.50

Transformative Alchemy:
​Inhabit the Body, Liberate the Mind

You  may have been sitting on the fence and not sure if this membership is for you.

​This membership is a place for women who want to live their lives fully and haven't found a way to do that yet, to dive into identifying what stops them.

​You get opportunities to work with me and engage with others who want the same outcome for themselves as you do.

​We focus on living free of the past of the future enabling us to live in the present moment.

My Offer: Try out one of the weekly classes this quarter for only $12.50. Pick the class from the schedule.

Here's what's included in the Private Membership

  • ​​8 weekly classes (plus recording and any worksheets)
  • ​Monthly live Q&A with me for Private Members
  • ​Quarterly - Half-day Online Retreat
  • ​Surprise Bonus each Quarter
  • ​Facebook Group for all Members

My Next Offer: If you love it and want to stay, you can pay the balance of $37.50 and become a full member for this quarter. We will email you after the class and invite you to join the full Private Membership.

Please Take Note That: Full Membership is $50 per month until it increases to $108 per month on 1 July 2024. Anyone who joins prior to 1 July 2024 will be considered a founding member, and their membership will remain at $50 per month as long as they remain with us.

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*Refund Policy: This purchase is not refundable. You can instead gift the class or choose another class. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with if you need assistance with this.

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