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Come & Try 1 Class for $12.50
Transformative Alchemy:
Inhabit the Body, Liberate the Mind.

You may have been sitting on the fence and not sure if this membership is for you.

This membership is a place for women who want to live their lives fully and haven't found a way to do that yet, to dive into identifying what stops them.

You get opportunities to work with me and engage with others who want the same outcome for themselves as you do.

We focus on living free of the past or the future enabling us to live in the present moment.

My Offer: Try out one of the weekly classes in the first quarter of next year and pay only $12.50. You can pick the class from the schedule.

Here's what's included in the Private Membership

  • 8 weekly classes (plus recording and any worksheets)
  • ​Monthly live Q&A with me for Members
  • ​Quarterly - Half-Day Online Retreat
  • ​Surprise Bonus each Quarter
  • Facebook Group for all Members

My Next Offer: If you love it and want to stay, you can pay the balance of $37.50 and become a full member for that quarter.

Full Membership costs $12.50 a week which is paid monthly ($50 per month)

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