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Half-day Online Retreat at Home

Date: Sunday, 25th February 2024
Time: 9:00am - 12:00 midday AEST
Location: Online Event
Price: $120 (non-members)
              $0 Members (Included in your membership)

Be wisely Selfish and fill your cup
before giving to others.

Half-day Online Retreat at Home

Date: Sunday, 12 November 2023
Time: 9:00am - 12:00 midday AEST
Location: Online Event

— $120 (non-members)
— $0 Members (Included in your membership)

Be wisely Selfish and fill your cup before giving to others.

Are you looking for some quiet, relaxation and restoration?

Would you like to participate in a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation at our half-day online retreat at home?  We will be focussing on Inhabiting the Body and Liberating the Mind.

This retreat is specifically designed for women who may struggle with but want to be wisely selfish and fill their cups before giving to others. It's a chance to step away from the challenges of everyday life and indulge in some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, I encourage you to register so you can join us. Those in the Private Membership do not need to register because this is part of your membership.

What to Expect

We will be doing a combination of any of the following:
      - Mindful Breathwork
      - Relaxation Techniques
      - Guided Meditations
      - Self-Reflective Exercise
      - Yoga Nidra

Additional Information

Once you have registered, you can download my e-book, which will let you know what to bring to create a space that will support your time out.

Ticket Pricing for Members: $0 (included in your membership)    Non-Members: $120 (If you would like to learn more about our Private Membership you can read more here.)

What You Can Take Away from the Retreat

*  A sense of  bringing balance into your body and mind;
*  Practical skills to implement into your life;
*  A deeper understanding and acceptance of your challenges;
*  The ability to be gentle with yourself;
*  Meditation and relaxation skills that you can continue to practice;
*  The feeling that you are not alone and a sense of sisterhood;
*  A new experience of what supports you;
*  Skills that will allow you to make sustainable changes in your life;
*  Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
*  A full heart.

What Our Participants Say

 Linda’s retreat was an absolutely beautiful experience and I loved the focused time I gave to myself, which was very welcomed. I enjoyed the balance of time sitting in silence and time as part of the rest of the group. It was the perfect space for me to reconnect with nature and to my center again. The greatest gift of this retreat was having the opportunity to connect with Linda and learn from her vast knowledge. I have come home and am slowly rebuilding myself from the inside out! 

— A.M.

 This being my first Online Retreat At Home, I approached with curiosity, wondering how it would compare with other retreats Linda had presented. They were offline and always held in a beautiful and sensitively created space, and my body and soul were nourished by Linda’s gentle guidance and words of inspiration. Today was no exception! I wasn’t disappointed – three hours of sublime bliss in a warm, nurturing space, presented by Linda in her kind and loving way. My tired body and mind welcomed the opportunity for rest and rejuvenation, and the guided meditation delivered in her voice's soft and mellow tone was a soothing balm to my spirit. All this in the comfort of my own home! My takeaway from the day is a sense of deep peace and a relaxed state of mind, body, and soul. It was truly a time of blessing and gratitude. I am looking forward to more of these days in the future! 

— Anne .M.cIntosh

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