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Humanitarian Projects

Independent Research Project

This research project is seeking what it will take to have unity between White Australians and Aboriginal people. We are working with a mammoth field of collective unresolved trauma and repeating patterns.

One of the main aims is to unearth what is needed without engaging the same thinking that created and enables the continuance of the re-enactment of the trauma. Read more....

"Trauma didn't start with us. We have been born into thousands and thousands of years of trauma, there is a whole net. Nobody ever was outside of collective trauma." Thomas Hubl

Animal Refuge

Future Project

Animals were my refuge from my own childhood trauma experience of living in a domestically violent home.

I have always had a deep connection and affinity with animals. They helped me in so many ways throughout my life and now I can help them.

Currently we have 6 horses. All except one was rescued. Rehabilitating them from their trauma makes my heart swell with joy. Every time I look at them and see them running freely and playing with each other it melts my heart. I just can't get enough of that!

Part of my dream is to do this on a bigger scale. I also want to create a place where those who are leaving domestically violent situations can leave their animal/s with us until they settle in to their new environment. We can care for the traumatised animal/s until they are reunited with their people. Even if their first escape place can't accommodate their pets, they can come and visit them until the family is whole again.

You may not be aware of this issue where women don't leave domestic and family violence situations because they don't have anywhere for their animals to be safe. Another major issue is when the abuser uses either harming or threatening harm to the family pet.

My Heart Horse Luna

 Newly rescued January 2017~Traumatised

During her healing

Now ~ Post Trauma

Luna's Story

Coming soon

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”  Anatole France.

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