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  • Monday - Mindfulness (tips, practice, or meditation)
  • ​Tuesday - Trauma Bytes (small byte-sized pieces of information to support your inner work)
  • ​Wednesday - Wisdom (usually a quote I have found and want to share)
  • ​Thursday -  Thought (you can contemplate this idea throughout your day)
  • ​Friday - Freedom (contemplate a What if... statement over your day)​​

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I send you something every weekday so that what I write about in Trauma Bytes is supported throughout the week. The memes with short messages on them remind you to practice whatever I have written for you in Tuesday's Trauma Bytes.

​If we don't regularly connect to the inner work we are doing, we fall back into our familiar repeating patterns. I'm sure you have experienced this at times in your life. Just think of the last time you began a health kick. How long were you able to last before slipping back into your old patterns?

​I invite you to use these messages daily so that you can make a dint in the change process you are seeking. Remember that you are very welcome to reply to any of these with questions or you can share the impact of what I've written has had on you. I love to hear from those reading what I share.

​Past editions of Trauma Bytes are available in the Articles section of this website.

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