Linda Conyard

Rational Theorist, Visionary, Socialpreneur & Advocate for Collective Healing

UNnecessary Trauma

The Silent Assassin Infiltrating our Health, Education, Justice, and Government Systems

In Linda's typical down-to-earth manner, she advocates for the elimination of UNnecessary trauma through education and training in Trauma Sensitivity, coupled with working through our UNresolved trauma.

This book serves to underscore the existence of UNnecessary trauma, as Linda draws from her own lived experiences within the Health, Education, Justice, and Government systems. Her book is a crucial read for anyone navigating these systems, offering valuable comprehension of how easy it is to cause UNnecessary trauma and introduces the idea of being trauma-sensitive in your workplace. Moreover, it provides insight for those grappling with frustrations encountered within these structures.

Delving into the inner conflicts that arise within these systems, Linda sheds light on how our expectations might inadvertently lead to harmful experiences instead of healing ones. Through her candid sharing, she illuminates the distinction.

This book isn't just essential for individuals and professionals within these sectors; it also serves as a guide for those seeking to identify opportunities for personal and staff development.

Linda's narrative cuts through the complexities of these systems, weaving her experiences of UNnecessary trauma throughout the book. It's a compelling call to live life fully and cultivate inner peace amid life's challenges.

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