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Journey Back Home
Inhabit Your Body - Free Your Mind

Personal Empowerment & Inner Work for Women & Female
Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
My heartfelt wish for each and every one of you who embark on this inner work with me is, that you, increase your personal empowerment, deeply connect to your authentic self, embrace your inner wisdom and realise your full potential.

Stop repeating patterns that rob you from having the business and life you desire!

I have worked with many women and female entrepreneurs/business owners over the years and this is what I've heard them say.

They tell me that they feel reactionary in their business, always putting out fires and never really feeling like they are in flow. The money they desire from their business is not coming in or they are getting the money they want but there are other areas of their life that are not working well. Or they hit a ceiling with their money and can't understand why they can't break through that. They are putting huge hours into their business only to feel like they haven't really progressed anywhere near where they want to be.

They often feel isolated especially if they are the only person in the business. They feel burnt out and a bit disillusioned because how they visioned their business is not how it is turning out. They feel like a bit of a failure and imposterish. Their business has become a burden, they aren't getting their ideal clients and it's challenging. It feels a bit like walking through waist high's all a bit hard! Some event contemplate going back to a 9-5 job - Oh no!

More than likely you have sought the best advice, yet still haven't been able to free yourself from habitual patterns and feel trapped in a never ending cycle - Groundhog Day! Their lack of self worth and self belief keeps dwindling. They feel blocked and don't know where to turn. This is when their health starts to become compromised. Their sleep becomes interrupted and is not rejuvenating, their stomach becomes irritable, their mind also begins to become unwell and may experience worry, anxiety or depression.

Caroline says: "Linda Conyard has been the catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms, both professionally and personally. I thought my corporate career was as finely tuned as I could hope for when I sought Linda’s help on a personal issue. A few months later my business life has changed intrinsically with huge freedom and sustainability. Her approach across all areas and levels has led to a profound change in my business success and results. This has occurred through becoming aware of my personal limitations and translating this through some excellent strategies from Linda to my work environment. Challenging but so incredibly simple! "

Even with your deep desires, heartfelt intentions and awesome visions, you still find yourself unable to move forward into your passion. There may be fear of failure or success, doubt, tons of beliefs that don't serve you and keep you from your dream business and life.

I'm sure you have tried and failed before. Maybe you have always believed you will never be ready or never be enough. Maybe you believe that money and heart centred work just don't go together.

At some level you know there is more to your business life than what you are living now and you want your life to matter. You want the habits you see successful people doing. You want to be a success but don't like to admit that or say it out loud!

The Good News Is.....By committing to your Inner Work you can redesign your experiences in business.

Most importantly, I can help you to change all of this in a sustainable way. That means I will show you how to avoid slipping back into the old patterns that keep you stuck in your current way of being and don't serve you or your business.

Once you see the repeating pattern, you can't not see it. You begin to notice it everywhere in your life.

I identify and demystify these patterns with you and you will have a deeper understanding of why you do what you do. You will gain profound insight and understanding that will allow you to free yourself and live the life you want.

Dianne says: "Working with Linda gave me valuable insights into who I am in my new consulting business and what I bring with me from my previous businesses and roles. Linda encouraged me to look below the surface to see how I can tap into my passion for small businesses and use my unique magic to help my clients achieve the outcomes they seek. I feel a release, grounded, at peace and that there is hope. I knew it was going to be hard work and I was able to make the commitment to this deep work."

Get Started Straight Away

Get started straight away with these two free explorations into where you are now. These will provide you with valuable information if you choose to continue working with me or if you want to take the information and work on it yourself.

6 Areas of Life Self-Assessement

This assessment is going to help you identify any area of your life that needs your attention to bring it up to a high level of functioning.
It gives you the opportunity to contemplate what potential options you may use to implement change in any particular area that is less than satisfactory for you.

You can use this information to work on your own or you can connect with me to support working through the areas that need attention.

Take the Trauma Quiz

What is clear from working with many clients over the years and doing my own trauma recovery work is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma.
They often live their life in isolation, they can feel alone and isolated even when amongst people.

 My Trauma Quiz will help you recognise if you are experiencing symptoms of unresolved trauma.

Rowan says: "Linda's wisdom, clarity and patience has been so much a part of liberating me from past mindsets and patterns that kept playing out, and no longer served me. She is extremely insightful, with knowledge of the foundation principles of systemic work which I am now understanding in a more complete way." 

The Next Step Toward Your Freedom

I know this next step toward your freedom may feel like a leap! I agree with is! 

What I do know from my own trauma recovery and the ongoing inner work I am committed to, is that change takes time, dedication and focus. It also needs support and community.

You will be building strong foundations that are required to be able to make significant and sustainable changes to what you are experiencing in your business and personal life.

The program is designed to shift your relationship with your mind, body and spirituality so you can recognise and reconnect with what I see as the three major disconnects human beings are suffering:

     1. disconnection from self,
     2. disconnection from others ,and
     3. disconnection to the environment.

Once you move from disconnected to connected, your old way of being and your new life will be at the opposite ends of the spectrum and potentially unrecognisable. Grace and flow become you way of being in your life.

Cindy says: "Linda has a knack for getting straight to the heart of your issues that have been long outstanding. Linda can help you identify the emotional issues blocking you in your business and work out a way forward."

Inhabit Your Body ~ Free Your Mind

12 Week Immersion Program

This program is facilitated live weekly by Linda in an online group. There is a limit of 20 people per program. No recordings will be available because this program is designed for a deep dive within a small group where we will be working in realtime with what is most pressing for the members of the program.

As you develop a trusting relationship and you are feeling more familiar and comfortable with the work and the group, you will build an even deeper healing relationship with those who share this journey with you.

I am so excited for this part because it is where the rubber meets the road and your commitment to yourself and your healing will be rewarded.

My Promise To You

I acknowledge this is a significant commitment, both of your time and your money. So let me take all the risk!

My promise to every person who completes Journey Back Home Program is;

If at the end of the program you haven't identified the cause of stagnation in your business or your life, whichever you have been working on, and you have diligently done the work and been engaged in the support available to you in the live sessions as well as the group page, I will work with you 1:1 until you do.

Carolyne says: "Today I realised it is ok to honour your past but the future is yours.
I opened up to other's point of view. It was a powerful experience."

May all Beings experience happiness and the causes of happiness;
May they all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering;
May they never be separated from the supreme happiness, which is free from suffering;
May they all live in equanimity without too much attachment and too much aversion;
And may they live in the knowledge of the sameness of everything that lives.
(Buddhist Prayer)

May you all be well, may you all be happy and may you all have inner peace.


“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” 
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Start With My Trauma Quiz

Start with the trauma quiz which will give you some insights into what kind of trauma symptoms you are currently living with. You may have already completed this because I have it as a pop-up on my homepage. If you've done this already then you will have my email offering you to do the 6 Areas of Life Self-Assessment.  This assessment explores how fulfilled you feel in the areas of health, relationships, finance, time, spirituality, and business or work. It gives you a deeper conscious view of what is happening in your life, and is the information you will need to join Let Trauma Be Your Teacher.

What is clear from working with many clients over the years and doing my own trauma recovery work is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma.
They often living their life in isolation, even feeling alone and isolated when amongst people.

 My Trauma Quiz will help you recognise if you are experiencing symptoms of unresolved trauma.


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