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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 
Martin Luther King, Jr

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My presentations highlight the impact that UNnecessary Trauma, and unresolved transgenerational collective trauma has on societal issues and how that impacts and filters through all areas of people's lives.

I will work with you to ensure that the presentation/training/event being delivered will inspire, engage and impact your participants long after the conference/training experience.

Presentation & Training Topics

Compassionate Empowered Workplaces

Now more than ever leaders and managers are needing to embrace 'softskills/humanskills'. The escalation of mental health issues and the wellbeing of organisational culture can no longer be a tick the box compliance issue but needs to be a critical key strategy for the health of the culture long term and success of the organisation. Workplace Wellbeing is integral to the success of any organisation. This talk simplifies the complexity of blending IQ (Intelligence Quotient) with EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Systemic Quotient).

* Compassionate Empowered Workplaces: Creating healthy, vibrant and well-functioning workplace environments;
* Individualised presentation - let's talk.

Your leaders/managers/teams/audience will:
1. Understand behaviours and what might be causing them;
2. Learn how to listen to their own inner responses to behaviours by others and understand what is causing these responses; and
3. Take away simple ideas and tools that can be confidently implemented immediately in the workplace. 

Journey Back Home

Inhabit Your Body and Free Your Mind

The biggest problem we have as human beings is our disconnection to ourselves. The hardest thing to do is to look in the mirror and deeply acknowledge and accept what we see with compassion and understanding.

Presentation Topics:
* Journey Back Home: Inhabit Your Body and Free Your Mind;
* Good Mental Health IS Good For Business;
* Find Your New Normal;
* Individualised presentation - let's talk.

Your audience/group will:
1. Recognise that what happened is the issue, and what they don't like about how they are is the result of what is not resolved around what happened to them;
2. Reframe behaviours and look at them from a systemic point of view;
3. Begin to recognise how the disconnection happened and learn practical, easy to implement reconnection techniques. 

Good Mental Health IS Good For Business Presentation


Praise for Linda's Presentation
Good Mental Health IS Good For Business

Testimonial Vicki Yen

Vicki Yen
Credibility Specialist

Donna Thistlewaite
Speaker, Trainer & Mental Wellness Advocate

Alisa Cork
Communications & Engagement Specialist

"Linda has provided assistance to the Samford Support Network charity with her knowledge of grief and trauma counselling. She is knowledgeable, caring and easy to talk to. She has the skill to break the most complex situation down to something that is understandable to untrained people. The Samford Support Network feels very fortunate to have her help." Barbara Kienast Samford Support Network.

Healing Humanity Through Truth

I believe that all society's issues are a result of unresolved collective transgenerational trauma. To explore this theory further I have begun an  independent research project. I anticipate that the project will offer up a new picture of how we can heal the collective past that is still in our collective present.

Presentation Topics:
* Collective Cultural Trauma's Influence on Unity;
* Collective Cultural Trauma's Influence on Domestic & Family Violence;
* Individualised presentation - let's talk.

Your audience/group will:
1. Hear the latest results from the project and experience a new way of looking at our societal issues;
2. Make some connections to current societal issues and the systemic repeating patterns that are being re-enacted; and
3. Make sense of their current situation. 

"Unresolved collective trauma stands in the way of our human evolution." Linda Conyard 

Praise for Linda's Presentations

"Brilliant concept and what a revelation in combining mental wellness and positive small business growth." 

Benedict Coyne, Candidate for Dickson, The Australian Greens

Linda Conyard informed us all of the benefits and necessity of performing Inner Work if we are to succeed as entrepreneurs - by removing blockages and focussing on intention to succeed. Thank you Linda for an incredibly important discussion about taking care of business for ourselves and how this will positively impact our businesses. This morning's Chamber breakfast gave members and guests something to think about as they went off to their respective businesses.

President, The Hills Chamber of Commerce

Wow Linda Conyard presented us with some very real, very raw and real much a point that business owners are in denial with. What a fantastic presentation to engage a thought process so many leave out of their successes or business building priorities. Thank you for reminding us to bring these wonderful thoughts and emotions to the forefront of day to day running of business. Your vulnerability to express your own personal journey during this presentation was so relative to all of us and the persistence to work on ourselves daily to be taken very seriously. You were a pleasure to listen to and your insight to inner work above and beyond most business owners priorities. Thank you.

Donna Ferguson, CEO & Founder at Unique Vibrations

If you would like to explore how we can co-create the perfect opportunity for your next conference or professional development day please schedule a time for us to connect.


Podcast Interview with Melly S
'How Trauma Shaped My Life'

Training Topic:

'Compassionate Empowered Workplaces'

In the beginning the group felt that 3 hours of training would drag. By the end we didn't have enough time to gather testimonials in words :) So we did a quick round, rating their experience out of 10. The group was very keen to have another session soon.

  • 9/10
  • 9/10
  • 11/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
  • ​10/10
  • ​10/10

Training Topic:

'Trauma Sensitive Workplaces'

  • "Linda, I thank you for the wonderful training you provided. I said at the beginning I wanted to take away 1 thing. You have given me more than the 1 thing I asked for. It was a really enjoyable day. Thank you." Mel
  • ​"Well informed. Listening is a massive positive attribute Linda holds. Awesome workshop - very relatable with Linda." Beka Toopi
  • ​"Thought provoking training. Gained tools to understand both myself, my clients and team. Confirmed I'm on the right track and in the right space." Leanne Groom
  • ​"Interesting and informative, responsive to the needs of the group." Name withheld.
  • ​"A well thought out and informative training. Linda is an excellent speaker and listener." Scott Maher
  • ​"This training allowed me to be open and honest." Tony Newman

Training Topic:

'Trauma Informed
Care & Practice'

** OMG, you provided information I have never heard before. Amazing presentation. EM

** My takeaways - Understanding trauma can go back generations; Remaining calm to help reduce charge in children and that parts of the brain just don't function when in a trauma response. MM

** My takeaways - I gained understanding that trauma is generational and that by knowing and understanding my own ancestral unresolved traumas will help me to be the best support I can be. SM

** My takeaways -  I now feel that I have some tools to help support those I care for. The descriptions of types of trauma and practical solutions were really helpful. NC

** My takeaways -  I found it most helpful to learn that talking about trauma won't make it worse, it can make it better. TF

North West Youth Accommodation Service Inc. (NWYAS) is a Specialist Homelessness Service that is funded by the Queensland Government to provide transitional support and accommodation to young people.

“I engaged Linda to deliver Trauma Sensitive Workplaces as part of the Professional Development Program for our Organisation. This training was so valuable for us in our work with young people. We really appreciated Linda’s style and expertise. Linda was fantastic and flexible in setting up and running the training.” Nicole Walsh, Manager.

Mylestones is part of CPL - Choice, Passion, Life, a profit-for-purpose organisation that provides vital support to more than 5,000 people with disabilities across Queensland and northern New South Wales. At Mylestones, our businesses are focused on creating more opportunities for people with barriers and disabilities to find work, earn an income, gain independence, develop new skills and follow their passions.

“I found Linda to be naturally professional and real. She was able to work easily with my staff and delivered her training in a manner that all my staff could understand. Since her training, I have noticed a massive change to my staff attitudes within the office, they are more positively engaged and I find they have a deeper understanding on how trauma presents and how to better service participants affected by trauma.” Anna Hanson, DES Coordinator.

The Samford Support Network (SSN) consists of local unpaid volunteers (run by a volunteer non-paid Management Committee) working with other organisations to assist current and former Samford community clients who are registered with the Samford Support Network.

"Linda is providing assistance to the Samford Support Network charity with her knowledge of grief and trauma counselling. She is knowledgeable, caring and easy to talk to. She has the skill to break the most complex situation down to something that is understandable to untrained people. The Samford Support Network feels very fortunate to have her help." Barbara Kienast Samford Support Network

Linda Conyard has been the catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms, both professionally and personally. I thought my corporate career was as finely tuned as I could hope for when I sought Linda’s help on a personal issue. A few months later my business life has changed intrinsically with huge freedom and sustainability. Her approach across all areas and levels has led to a profound change in my business success and results. This has occurred through becoming aware of my personal limitations and translating this through some excellent strategies from Linda to my work environment. Challenging but so incredibly simple! Caroline
- Caroline
Working with Linda gave me valuable insights into who I am in my new consulting business and what I bring with me from my previous businesses and roles. Linda encouraged me to look below the surface to see how I can tap into my passion for small businesses and use my unique magic to help my clients achieve the outcomes they seek. Dianne
- Dianne
Linda has been working with me as a Business Coach/Mentor to help me in my business. She is amazing at what she does. Linda got me thinking differently and helped me push boundaries. My mindset has been shifted and that is all thanks to Linda!! Thank you so much. Eve.
- Eve
Linda has a knack for getting straight to the heart of your issues that have been long outstanding. Linda can help you identify the emotional issues blocking you in your business and work out a way forward. Cindy
- Cindy
Linda's time with me helped me to develop a sustainable program for my business. Through brainstorming and using visual aids, Linda helped me to see and expand my vision for my business. It has been a great process and really helped me to see a clear way forward. Very helpful and insightful. Thanks so much Linda. Maria
- Maria
Linda Conyard facilitated a gathering of women at Womenspace. Linda's prompt assistance in responding to all communications and assistance in supporting Womenspace is a clear indication of Linda's good nature, professionalism and kind heartedness. Thank you for supporting Womenspace. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Linda for any of the therapies she offers. Leanne
- Leanne
Linda is a true professional! Through working with Linda I have gained clarity and a whole new approach to my business and also elements of my personal life. This is not the usual type of business coaching/mentoring - what Linda does is truly unique, refreshingly enjoyable and positive in a way that will open up doors to new opportunities not only for my business, but for developing positive relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Thank you so much Linda. Alisa
- Alisa
I was pleasantly surprised to hear Linda also offered business mentoring! Which couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. I believe I am smart enough to do anything I dream of, but like most, I suffer from an annoying disease called self sabotage. I walked away from the session with clear next steps to take to reach my goal. I really gained clarity on how short my deadline was and what I needed to do to meet it. I am looking forward to working more with her on this. Lucy
- Lucy
I have had the pleasure of having Linda facilitate at my Yoga workshop. Linda is a wealth of experience and her down to earth, heartfelt wisdom is always expressed in her workshops with warmth, compassion and genuine caring. Her techniques are simple and effective and cater to individual needs. Linda Conyard is the mentor every teacher has been looking for. Kirstie.
- Kristie
Today I learned to trust in the process of something I didn’t quite understand and to think outside my usual parameters. I allowed myself to feel and welcome support. Today gave me a different perspective and was profound. I am very grateful for this experience. Catherine
- Catherine
Today I realised it is ok to honour your past but the future is yours. I opened up to other's point of view. It was a powerful experience. Carolyne
- Carolyne
I learned that we allow or things keep happening until there is healing. I reconnected with my body and listened when it spoke. I went from blame, guilt and shame to some clarity. I was able to realize what I carried wasn't all mine and that allowed me to only carry and deal with my own guilt not that from previous generations. It was amazing, I was unaware of carrying guilt from other generations - unaware that other issues need to be healed and let go of to focus on the primary issue. It was totally amazing what came out in the constellations. I'm glad I kept my courage to come and peel back the veil to what was buried inside me. Thank you Linda for providing a safe, supportive environment to approach such a difficult subject. Name withheld. 
- Name Withheld

Praise for Linda's Training


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