Trauma Informed Care
"If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got" Albert Einstein
In my opinion this will be the most important work you ever do as a professional!

It is difficult to work in a big system and not deplete your soul. I've worked in a couple, one being the RAAF and the other Education. I was also thrown into the medical system when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6 months. Then the legal system was an eye opener when supporting women who suffered domestic violence and what I witnessed during the process.

What I am offering you here is the wealth of experience both personal and professional. I have gained some massive understanding of my
experience in all the systems I have been part of. I can see how we can make it a much better experience for all concerned by learning 
how to be a trauma informed practitioner.
Programme Description
Trauma is becoming more known and spoken about which is creating interest & awareness in the need for education in this area.  As a professional in the field of health, education or law, you will be faced constantly with people who have trauma of some description. You yourself may even be carrying your own unresolved trauma.

I hate to say this and it is the truth....our systems are big and broken. They really don't serve those who need it. I know many people who work in these systems of health, education and law who feel the broken-ness of the system. If you are reading this then I suspect you already know this.

Imagine if you were able to understand trauma and how it affects the behaviour, healing and learning in individuals.

Linda will share with you easy to understand ways to identify and understand trauma. She will show you how to be with traumatic responses so the person you are with is not re-traumatised and neither are you.

Linda shares practical skills in working with people who have trauma that is unresolved. Trauma is trapped in the body and therefore it needs somatic (body) healing. Trauma won't be healed through talk therapy alone.

This professional development is delivered at your workplace as either:

     Full 1 Day Training 9:00am-4:30pm - fee $320 per person; or
     Full 2 Day Training 9:00am-4:30pm - fee $640 per person.

If you wish to discuss different options of delivery simply complete the organisation request form and Linda will contact you.
Systems that need this work!
This is a really tricky system, I have to say. What I know is, I have spoken to many people who have been traumatised by this system. I've spoken to many nurses who have found it very difficult to work in this environment. There is a significant amount of exposure to vicarious trauma for those who work in this field.

You are always dealing with the possibility of high emotions and experiences of the people using your service. I'm a trauma therapist and I make sure that I have good supervision and support for the heavy work I do. When I think of the medical profession in general, I am not aware of any support as I have mentioned. This leaves professionals in this field open to overwhelm.

There may be symptoms such as addictions, anxiety, fatigue and sleeping issues and gut issues to name a few, that begin to show up over the years.

Your work is like mine in the way that we can be faced with life and death situations. We are asked to sit with people in the depth of despair and trauma. We need to be able to fill ourselves up so we can give to these people in the way we wanted to when we first began our profession.

I can give you some understanding that you may not have received before.
Teaching is so different to many years ago where your focus was on the lesson and teaching children. Teachers have been loaded up with so much more paperwork and being results focussed. They are pushed to the limits with work that is external to the actual job of teaching children.

This is what it was like when I left the Education system in 2004!

I saw many teachers stressed by their job, losing heart for it. There were some where it became just a job. Others who tried to stay with their passion. So challenging, with all the excess work that comes down from the department.

One thing that is on the increase is the number of children with learning difficulties, ADHD and behaviour issues.

There is another way to look at these issues that will change your whole thinking about what you are actually seeing and what you can do about it.

This is the most difficult system to work in, in my opinion. It is the most caught up in heirachy, dogma, black and white thinking, stuck-ness and lack of human-ness.

I haven't had a lot to do with this system until recently and I have to say that I sat in the court room shaking my head most of the time. I just couldn't make sense of how it was operating. In fact I left feeling quite angry.

On my train trip home I decided I needed to turn this anger into something productive!

This system appeared to be relying on the interpretation of the law by an individual (the Judge). Depending on which Judge you got depends on how you fare.

I got to wondering if lawyers and judges actually have training in how to leave their own bias out of decisions they make. I got curious about their training and what they were taught.

This may sound critical and it is, but I am stating my own observations and my experience. I also sit with many women who have to deal with this system and find it frustrating and far from just. 

I actually don't even know if there is space in this system for trauma informed care. I am willing to give it a try is anyone in this system is.
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