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When you are looking for a professional speaker, presenter and facilitator who is easy to work with, engages with your audience in a way that challenges their thinking and awareness, then contact Linda.

                                               "Linda has a wonderful ability to identify the stumbling blocks, give clarity, and send us on our way 
                                                                                          with a new outlook on life."Desolie Page, Perfect Pages

She is passionate about her work and enjoys nothing more than witnessing participants learn from their own experience as they engage in the processes she facilitates. She draws on over 10 years experience facilitating groups to provide learning through internal reflection and observation.

                                        "Brilliant concept and what a revelation in combining mental wellness and positive small business growth."
                                                                           Benedict Coyne, Candidate for Dickson, The Australian Greens

She loves to share her knowledge in a way that people 'get it' and walk away feeling like they have gained some insight and a new way of looking at old issues.

Linda's relaxed style makes people feel comfortable and at ease from the very beginning.

Presentation & Training Topics
Trauma Informed Care & Practice
This presentation is best suited for Professionals and staff who work in the Health, Education & Legal system. You will build upon your skill set with this training in how to recognize psychological and emotional trauma responses and learn what to do if you are faced with someone experiencing this type of response. This training will also help you not to fall victim to vicarious trauma (also known as secondary trauma) and make self-care a priority in your work life.
Exploration Into Healing Trauma
This presentation will explore trauma as part of living this life yet, we don't seem to understand it at all. There is often this perception that trauma is major catastrophes and don't recognise the many experiences that can leave us with unresolved trauma. This presentation is best suited for people who are looking for information about trauma and what it takes to heal from it.
Finding your New Normal
This presentation is best suited for people who have been through life limiting or traumatic life events. I present the idea of reframing your normal instead of trying to go back to what your normal was prior to the experience.
Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs
This presentation is best suited for women in their own business or women leaders in organisations. You will learn the core reason for underwhelming business results and why more strategy, structure and training will not make a difference. We will explore the 8 Core Essentials for Women that support them to live to their full potential. Women who are serious about their success in business and their life will love this. Read about the program.

Good Mental Health IS Good For Business
This presentation is usually delivered with Linda's co-presenter Di Krome from Wildfire Consulting. They look at the value of taking good care of your mental health in business. They discuss the signs your mental health is being affected as well as giving strategies that you can implement in your life straight away that can ease the stress of running your own business.

After Something More Personalised
Linda will customise her content to meet the needs of the organisation so that we can ensure the key message is delivered clearly and in a way that supports the learning of  your delegates. Simply complete the form below or request her media kit below and she will be in touch.
For Event Organisers
Linda's experience has been that most people truly wish to be free of limiting attitudes and behaviours that stop them from living their authentic life. It is Linda's passion and purpose to help people move more into the freedom of being themselves unburdened by what is usually out of their awareness. Her intention every time she speaks or delivers training is that every person leaves feeling transformation of some kind which is exactly right for their next step toward Inner Peace.

The benefit of working with those who have a healthy sense of themselves and have a good amount of Inner Peace is:
     * Higher self esteem in the work force which doesn't foster pettiness and disruptive attitudes and behaviour;
     * People with these qualities have more compassion and understanding for others which leads to better working relationships and harmony;
     * Less time spent on resolving issues between staff members;
     * Less time spent on negativity or low morale;
     * Healthier work environment for everyone;
     * Increase in productivity - happy people are creative, energized, invigorated and easy to get along with;
     * Happy people work together to find solutions and their tolerance is higher than those with negative mindsets; and
     * Your clients/patients/students/customers WILL feel either negativity or positivity. They will react better to positivity! 

Linda will help you create an event that will leave your audience with new ideas to explore and continue to work with long after the event. Linda loves working with organisers to create something that is UNforgettable for their participants.
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Media Kit
Who I've Had The Pleasure of Speaking For
  • Hear and Say - 'Trauma Informed Care & Practice'
  • ​Foster & Kinship Care Conference - 'Trauma Informed Care & Practice'
  • ​​​SPEVI Conference - 'Uncover the Hidden Affect of Vision Impairment'
  • ​Mental Health Professionals Network: 'An Exploration into Healing Trauma'
  • ​Samford Big Day Out for Small Business - 'Holistic Resilience: Use your inner wisdom to increase your resilience when meeting challenges'
  • ​​Samford Chamber of Commerce - 'Unleash your business potential: Honour the lineage of your business'
  • The Hills Chamber of Commerce - 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
  • ​​Samford Chamber of Commerce - 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
  • Samford Chamber of Commerce - 'Good Mental Health IS Good For Business'
  • ​​Pine Rivers Chamber of Commerce - 'Good Mental Health IS Good For Business'
  • Ocean Network - 'Good Mental Health IS Good For Business'
Praise for Linda's Presentations
  • Hear and Say - 'Trauma Informed Care & Practice'
  • AHA Moments - How to recognise vicarious trauma / Considering difference between ‘head’ answer to ‘body’ answer / Examples of flight, fight and freeze / Flight/Fright/Freeze responses and how to respond / Recognising Vicarious Trauma / Past trauma if unresolved impacts the here and now / That I probably should talk about stuff / Everyone has trauma / Be aware of what you are projecting / How I can have an impact on others / Centring your body and being aware of physical reactions / Trauma is stored in the body / Be in the moment and take the time to settle.
  • What was most helpful - The description of what trauma could look like / Reminder that executive function may actually not be available to an individual on account of trauma. And importance of normalising trauma response (rather than I’m bad/wrong) / Understanding and to be more empathetic with families, acknowledging how individuals react with numbing / Stress/Trauma Quiz / Insight into lived experience of family receiving diagnosis / Identifying trauma in ourselves and others / To self-identify emotions /  Need to be mindful that I can’t take on others load, if my own bucket is full / The symptoms of trauma / Be present / Different types of trauma / Being aware of the impact of trauma in the long term / Trauma is a part of life / Important to reflect.
  • The Hills Chamber of Commerce - 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs'
  • ​This morning's Chamber breakfast gave members and guests something to think about as they went off to their respective businesses. Linda Conyard informed us all of the benefits and necessity of performing Inner Work if we are to succeed as entrepreneurs- by removing blockages and focussing on intention to succeed. Thank you Linda for an incredibly important discussion about taking care of business for ourselves and how this will positively impact our businesses. The Hills Chamber of Commerce.
  • ​​Wow Linda Conyard  presented us with some very real, very raw points that many business owners are in denial of. What a fantastic presentation to engage a thought process so many leave out of their successes or business building priorities. Thank you for reminding us to bring these wonderful thoughts and emotions to the forefront of day to day running of business. Your vulnerability to express your own personal journey during this presentation was so relative to all of us and the persistence to work on ourselves daily to be taken very seriously. You were a pleasure to listen to and your insight to inner work above and beyond most business owners priorities. Thank you. Donna Ferguson -  Unique Vibrations
  • Samford Chamber of Commerce - 'Good Mental Health IS Good For Business'
  • ​"Mental Health in Business”, is a current hot topic, costing the Australian economy billions of dollars. It was very well presented by Linda as a mentor with Di presenting her raw and emotional packed experiences.  It was a credit to both Linda in her mentoring role and Di who presented with total honesty.  I have had the pleasure of being on their journey both through business and social meetings with Linda and Di and I have been most impressed in their strong will and wholesome desire for continuous improvement in all their dealings with our community. Our community is the richer for their involvement. It takes a Village. It is my pleasure to give this Testimonial to Linda and Di." Ross Pickering - Samford Garage
All the information provided on my website is generalised. I work hard to share good quality material, programs and services. Engaging with what is shared here and what I offer is solely and finally your responsibility.

If you are feeling suicidal, self harming or have a diagnosed psychological illness please seek support from your local service or crisis line.

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