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“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”
-Linda Hogan

Systemic Constellation Work

(Also known as Family Constellations)

"The truth is not found in words, it is experienced in the silence after the words
have been spoken”  John L. Payne (Shavasti)

Systemic Constellation Work was created by Bert Hellinger and gives us the opportunity to see what is out of order in our family system, what is out of our awareness and to see our repeating generational patterns. Systemic Constellation Work has emerged from several different therapies, such as, psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, systems theory and phenomenology.

We don’t look to place blame on anyone in the lineage or situation because each member of the system has carried the burden of the system out of love, loyalty and honour. The whole idea of constellating an issue is to find the healing path and return to wholeness.

Science is exploring through epigenetics how biological issues can be passed down generation after generation. Here's a little information on genetics and inheritance - Unresolved trauma has an impact on the nervous system of the body, therefore, if we accept the potential of epigenetics then it follows that there would be an impact on the following generation if the unresolved trauma remains in the bodies of the parents. An interesting read is Bruce Lipton's book 'The Biology of Belief'.

As the facilitator of the process I ask myself, what does this issue (whatever the client brings seeking resolution for) do for this system? The key is to include everything that shows up and to be free from judgement.

Systemic constellations are an effective tool in the resolution of interpersonal problems in both families, organisations or any system. They have been used in many settings such as education, health care, social services and prisons. They may also reveal a new perspective on issues related to inheritance, war, crimes and race. Systemic constellations are perfect for those hat desire the experience of living and operating from the place of full potential and belonging.

The thing about this work is, you get to use exactly what is causing you grief as the instrument into the insight, understanding and resolution. The application of this work is only limited by one's imagination and curiosity. 

"What you deny and ignore in your history, you do at the expense of your destiny
and Inner Peace.”  Linda Conyard .

Type of Issues Systemic Work can Help with

Personal Applications

Systemic work can be used for anything that needs resolution or insight such as but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • ​Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  • ​Addictions of any kind
  • ​Eating Disorders
  • ​Inability to move forward in your life
  • ​Marriage and relationships
  • ​Adoption
  • ​Grief and Loss
  • ​Abuse
  • ​Illness: including unexplained physical or health problems
  • ​Suicide and Suicidal Ideology
  • ​Employment and Career
  • ​Finances
  • ​Hereditary Issues such as: early deaths in the family, terminations and loss of babies/children, failed businesses, family businesses, illnesses

Organisatinal Applications

Organisations are systems and therefore can also lose their order. Systemic Constellations can help gain insight around areas such as but not limited to:

  • Staffing issues
  • ​High turnover of staff
  • ​Inefficiency
  • ​Teams struggling to work well together
  • ​Lack of motivation
  • ​Poor morale
  • ​Bullying and harassment
  • ​Inability to meet sales targets
  • ​Communications issues
  • ​Ethical questions
  • ​Toxic workplace
  • ​Decision making
  • ​Restructuring
  • ​Strategic issues
  • ​Mission statements
  • ​Future planning

We are only limited in what we can explore by our own thinking. I believe this work can shed
light on any issue or question we have.

"The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into
union that which has been made separate." Bert Hellinger

What Constellation Participants Say

 Linda was the facilitator for my very first family constellation. I didn’t really know what it entailed but from the moment I entered the room my nerves vanished. Linda has a warmth and strength that makes one feel safe and supported venturing into sensitive personal issues.

I found the entire experience absolutely fascinating and Linda’s skill of niggling out what each person needed was enthralling. I resonated with issues raised in each constellation, they showed me how far I’ve come and what else I need to focus on in my life.

For my own constellation, Linda brought me to a realisation that I couldn’t have found on my own or hadn’t managed to find through other methods. The process brought such clarity, released a grief I wasn’t aware of and allowed me to feel an enormous sense of relief and of “coming home to my roots”. The process has had a profound effect on my sense of self. I cannot wait to attend another of Linda’s workshops.

Thank you so much Linda. The workshop has truly had a huge impact on my life.

When is the next one 😊 

— Aoife O'Haire

I attended the Family Constellation Workshop on 15 October 2023 and, as always, was really moved and thankful for the work Linda did.

In a very supportive environment, Linda guided we attendees to work on our Family and Personal Trauma whilst guiding us through supporting the volunteer, during their process.

Linda always has the amazing skill of guiding us away from storytelling and problem-solving and back on the task of healing.

Whilst there was much laughter and care throughout the day, we all acknowledged there was some deep work and progress achieved by all.

To manage to guide each individual through trauma processing and ensuring we were all held in a safe place is amazingly skillful and caring.

Well done Linda, thankyou heaps,

— Sarah

Linda Conyard is an extremely wise and experienced facilitator with whom I have participated in several groups and one private session.

I am always nervous prior to each session, but Linda quickly puts me at ease, and I soon relax and trust in the process.

Finding the connection back to the forgotten True Self.

Even participating in or observing others' processes brought up realizations about my life.

— Pranesh MacLean

My recent constellation day with Linda was truly incredible.

Not only was my experience amazingly eye-opening and insightful, it was an honor to bear witness to and participate in others' experiences, many of which were genuinely transformational.

Linda has an incredible skill and intuition to her work, challenging and drawing out the information necessary to see truths, shift perspectives and move forward with positive, knowing momentum (while of course, this can be challenging in the moment, as most significant growth is).

Linda's ability to create a safe and nurturing space to allow the necessary vulnerability and bravery required for this work is a true talent, and it was and will continue to be an honor to work with her.

— Hayley

The experiences I have had with Linda at the Constellation workshops have really been life-changing.

Linda creates and holds the space in such a way that allows everyone to open up, be vulnerable and step into the potential to face what we need to.

I have never felt so comfortable in the group when exposing my grief or emotions.

Thank you, Linda, for creating a place of encouragement and healing without judgment.

I would recommend these workshops to anyone who wants to make changes in their life, wants perspective on relationships with others or themselves or wants to let go or heal.

— Lucy


I imagine that Constellation Work is new to most people.

I will apologise right here because once you experience it, you will more than likely become addicted to it! It is one of those experiences where words just don't do justice to it.

The work involves the Soul's movement, and the Soul's language is very different from our words. Some wonderful Constellators have put words around the experience of Systemic Constellations, but for me, the best way to understand is to experience.

Some resources that may get your curiosity bubbling over:

The gathering of International and Australian Constellators happens in Sydney every two years. Further information is available if you google Australasian Constellation Intensive. 

If you would like to read about Systemic Constellation Work, you may like to start with these books:
     - Connecting Our Ancestral Past by Francesca Mason Boring
     - The Roots of Love by Svagito R. Liebermeister
     - Even if it Costs Me My Life by Stephan Hausner
     - Trauma: Time, Space and Fractals by Anngwyn St. Just
     - It Didn't Start With You by Mark Wolynn

Love is the first seed of the Soul. Rig Veda x.29

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