Trauma Recovery
Most of us are seeking healing and wanting to find peace and happiness.

Many of my clients have tried many things before coming to me. Some really didn't want to try anything else because they had never found anything that made a difference to their lives. Some found some bandaid type solutions but inside they still had the same feeling/s.

Yet, even with all of that, they took a chance, which they continually thank me for. even years after. The depth of their recovery and the work we did together will never change for them or for me. It is truly life changing for them and life enhancing for me.

It feeds my soul to see women who come in feeling broken and desperate, morph into the amazing beings they truly are, who continue to work with the skills and knowledge gained in the work we do.

The fact that you are here reading this is probably a good sign that you too are seeking something that you haven't found yet.

Have a read through this page and if you connect I am happy for us to book in an Initial Consultation. You will find my fees further down the page. I do not have a provider number and you are not able to us me as a therapist for a mental health plan.

Every woman who has worked with me has spent their hard earned money on their sessions and they have committed to doing the work (and homework) to get the results they have. I have done what you will do if you work with me. I have paid my hard earned money to a therapist who helped me recover from my own trauma. I have invested in myself and changed my life and that is what I will be asking you to do if you work with me. It's not about the money, it's about what you get for your money. I know and so do my clients that what has been paid to recover from trauma has no value on it.

Personal  Empowerment
Transforming trauma & generational patterns that stop you living your life fully
"Trauma is a fact of life, it does not however need to be
a life sentence" (Peter Levine)
I help people make sustainable change in both their personal and business life.

I believe that many people are looking for change in the way their healing occurs. To do this we need to move away from the biological (physical) model which has a single focus of working on the part that is sick and embrace a mind/body/spirit/field (field means your environment) attitude towards healing. Your field is extremely important to consider when working from an holistic perspective, because if your environment doesn't support your desire to change then we need to look at ways to counteract this.

How healing is done is in transition! People are taking back the responsibility of their health and wellbeing which is the first step toward empowerment!

I will facilitate processes that give you the opportunity to unlock your healing potential. In my work I also consider generational repeating patterns that you may not be aware of. Read my blog about Family Constellations.

My passion is transforming unresolved trauma and facilitating growth through trauma. The trauma can be any life event that was traumatic, PTSD, complex trauma, cancer or another life limiting illness that have consumed your life. Trauma isn't always what you think it is. You can read my 3 part series on trauma.

I specialise in working with trauma, stress reduction, grief and end of life support.

I imagine that recovery to some may be something you can't quite get your head around at the moment and that's ok. My clients are usually people who have suffered the symptoms of trauma for many years and do find it difficult to really trust they can recover. They have also often spent a long time trying to find ways to help themselves (which is awesome). I believe that we cannot recover from trauma by ourselves.

What is clear from working with many clients is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma, often living their life in isolation. Women often seek an appointment because of the following reasons:

Mental health issues such as:

* suicidal ideation or attempt; * depression; * PTSD; * anxiety; * panic attacks; * eating disorders; and * addictions of all kinds.

Health issues such as:

* insomnia; *IBS ; * excess weight or loss of weight; * chronic fatigue / exhaustion; * cancer; *auto-immune disorders and * chronic illness of all kinds.

Emotional issues such as:

* overwhelm; * stress; * bullying; * domestic abuse; * feeling unhappy / unsatisfied; and *feeling blocked /stuck in life.

Spiritual issues such as: 

* feeling disconnected; * lack of life purpose; * aversion to previous faith; * searching for meaning; and * sense of feeling lost.

I view all of these as symptoms of trauma. Unattended grief or trauma can sit beneath these symptoms.

"Trauma survivors have symptoms instead of memories" (Harvey, M. 1990)
Sometimes we just need someone to listen & help us understand!
My clients move out of isolation and into community.
I can hear you,
I can see you, and
I know you can recover from trauma!
"I never ask my clients to do anything I haven't done myself to recover" Linda
Schedule of Fees
Therapy Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Initial Consultation     1.5-2 hour session     $250           Book Here
This consultation is when we get to know each other. I listen underneath what you are telling me to get a feel for what it is that you are needing. I usually give you some psycho-education about trauma and how it actually affects your brain and body. I know this is one of the most important and foundational pieces of our work. I can see a visible difference in women as they begin to understand that they are not crazy or they are not broken, even though it can feel a bit like that. At the end of this session we decide together if the work I do is right for you.
Therapy Session          1.5 hour session         $180           Book Here
 Most of my clients understand that they need some intense work in the beginning depending on what you present with. Usually we will have weekly sessions for 3-6 months. I remind my clients that they have lived their lives with a well-worn neural pathway that is their way of being in the world. It takes time to change that physiology and it takes repeating the new way of being over and over again. My clients usually notice feeling different from the first session. I never know the exact length of time we need together to facilitate your recovery, so it is impossible for me to give you that information. What I can give you is my commitment to working myself out of a job. I want to see you empowered and living your life fully. That is always my deepest wish and desire for my clients. Nothing gives me more joy than our final session together where we celebrate your rediscovered greatness.

Usually the women I work with still want to maintain some kind of connection with me because of the intimate work we do together. I also love that we don't just part ways and that's it, because we have shared such deep connection throughout our therapy work. So I have created ways in which you can remain part of my community of amazing empowered women.
Intensive Session      Half Day - 3 hour session       $360        Book Here
Available Session Times:
* 9.00am - 12.00pm (healthy morning tea provided)
* 1.00pm - 4.00pm (healthy afternoon tea provided)

This session was created because some my clients have asked for more intensive work. This session is only made available to those clients who have done significant work with me and have some specific issue they want to work through. These sessions have worked really well for women who have been through trauma recovery therapy with me and have also been through some of my other trainings and know very well how I work. They have experienced amazing shifts in their world, using this type of session with a clear focus of what work they want to do.
Intensive Session      Full Day - 6 hour session       $720        Book Here
Session Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm (healthy morning tea & lunch provided)

Again this session was created because some my clients have asked for more intensive work. This session is only made available to those clients who have done significant work with me and have some specific issue they want to work through. These sessions have worked really well for women who have been through trauma recovery therapy with me and have also been through some of my other trainings and know very well how I work. They have experienced amazing shifts in their world, using this type of session with a clear focus of what work they want to do. This session is like retreating for a day to focus fully on you and the life you are creating for yourself.


Find Your New Normal
12 Week Program
Growth through Trauma Retreat

Testimonial: Will I be judged? Will I be in a safe space? Will this work?   Will I ever shift this stuff and be free?   This is a snippet of the thoughts going through my mind as I first arrived to see Linda.  I was promptly greeted by the warmth from Linda herself and the warmth of her safe space.  Aahh, breathe…   I knew I had to shift some serious childhood trauma that has challenged me my entire life.  Let me assure you, continuing to ‘push down’ unresolved emotions just doesn’t work and it’s hard work!!   In a short space of time in working with Linda I have achieved some great results.  Admittely, sometimes it would be easy to ‘take some time off’, from these session - it can be draining, but at the same time rolling with the momentum and releasing/shifting this ‘stuff’ is now beginning to be empowering.  Patience and I are becoming great mates.   My sessions with Linda are like a rainbow of emotions…some are heavier and more challenging, though powerful and freeing at the same time.  Others are lighter and happier, kinda like those ‘a ha’ moments where you go ‘Now I understand’.   It’s not only whilst I’m with Linda that I feel empowered, it’s as I move through life when I’m not with Linda that also empowers me.  Linda has provided me with many practiced strategies for me to use in day to day life.  Big thumbs up for all the strategies, I’ve used them in different moments for different occasions but they have all worked.  I also know that on those really challenging days (like one Monday recently!!) Linda was on the end of the phone for me.   Feeling grateful . Kylie

Testimonial: Where to begin. When I met Linda I was barely functioning due to anxiety. I was an international Master's student in Australia. The fear and anxiety came on suddenly and unexpectedly for me and I just collapsed. Anxiety was so debilitating that I was in a constant state of panic. I couldn't get out of bed, but at the same time I didn't want to be awake and face life. I was so ashamed of this, and not having a "legitimate" reason for feeling the way I did, that I wished I could just get hit by a bus and be in the hospital so I had a legitimate reason not to continue. It was so hard. Fortunately I met Linda. So grateful to my cousin for her help while I was in crisis and connecting me with Linda. I had other supports in my life, good friends back home, and my amazing mother who flew all the way to Australia. But I knew if I went back home, it would be too scary to go back and I would give up on the opportunity to study.  Fortunately, Linda helped me take it day by day. I'm not sure how she did it. But it was the only thing I could do in a week, go to my appointment with Linda. I am not sure how she does it, but manages to help me cut through the narratives, stories and inner critic in my head, and connect with my truth. Well ok, I think I know some of the ways she does it. She is supportive and kind. She helps me question my beliefs and fears, look at where they come from, and ask what do they need. She has helped me learn to identify when I am getting triggered, or if I miss that, what to do to bring myself back down, back "into my body". I have gotten quicker at being able to do this, and recognising at when I am going to get triggered and either preparing for it and engaging and managing and making new pathways in my mind, or consciously choosing not to engage. Read More... 

Set in a beautiful environment of mountains, bush and birdlife, I'm blessed to have participated in Rainbow Atma's 'Growth through Trauma Retreat' held at Ocean View, facilitated by Linda Conyard. The Retreat was held over 5 days and during this time I truly did grow!
I am 68 years of age and for much of my life I suffered from unresolved grief and complex trauma brought about by the death of my Mother when aged 12, followed by sexual and physical abuse from my father which began within weeks of my mother's death and continued until I reached the age of 17 years. I had suicidal tendencies and struggled with my spirituality. I had no direction, believing I had lost my way and I had a sense of hopelessness. The 5 days of Retreat were a well-balanced mixture of working through the pain of the trauma, discovering my life's purpose, becoming 'unstuck' in matters which had me bound, understanding what gets in the way of achieving my desires, and appreciating the value of gentleness and love of myself.
I'm now aware how the impact of trauma has played out in my life. It followed a pattern, reflected by years of living an existence of bearing responsibilities which were way beyond my tender years, of being misunderstood, of being voiceless, of reacting fearfully to certain sounds and smells, living a 'double' life, afraid to take risks and being scorned for my failures. All these led to my belief of unworthiness, severe depression and other health issues.
New possibilities and hope were presented and lovingly guided by the skilful hands of Linda. Read more.....
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