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Linda Conyard

9 August 2023 | Trauma Bytes

Before I get into this week's Trauma Bytes, I’d like to say a little more about last week’s topic of support. I am very good at being independent and dealing with things myself. Often, I am asked for support by others, which is okay, but I am challenging myself from now to the end of this year to look for opportunities to ask for support. To build strength in areas within us that are not as developed or balanced as others, we need to exercise and bring awareness to what is calling to be changed. So, as one who practices what they preach, I am doing something different to what I would habitually do!

Most of you on this list have either met me or have worked with me. So we already have some level of familiarity with each other. There will also be those whom I haven’t met yet.

The challenge I present to myself today is to ask for your support in spreading the word about my new membership offer. There are more details below the Trauma Byte.

I have created a mission for myself; “Help 10,000 women to sustainably change their lives.” That is a massive goal, and the suffering from unresolved past wounds is much greater than that. It would only touch the tip of the iceberg. I believe that it is possible, but only if people know about this work.

We have nearly finished the first term of Transformative Alchemy, where we have been looking at practicing various ways to identify and strengthen aspects of the self.

Because it can be so challenging to sustain those positive changes within your life, it is nice to be in a supportive place with others wanting the same for themselves.

"Inner work takes time, and it unfurls in its own perfect way. It's not finished, it's lifelong learning." — Linda Conyard

Now, let's dive into Sustainability.
How many times have you committed to something only to have it go by the wayside in a week or two? I know I have been challenged by this! Sustainability is the cornerstone of lasting change. This week's Trauma Bytes delves into the vital concept of sustainability and how it's the linchpin for maintaining positive transformations and healing.

Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword, but the truth is it's the secret to lasting change. If you can master how to create sustainability, you set yourself up for truly being the creator of your own destiny for the rest of your life. Sustainability isn't just about maintaining changes in one area; it's about creating lasting transformations across your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In this edition of Trauma Bytes, we'll explore:
     1. What Hinders Sustainability;
     2. Holistic Well-Being; and
     3. Beginning Tools for the long haul.

1. Why maintaining change is often more challenging than initiating it, and how to overcome this hurdle.
When we decide we are going to make a change to improve our lives, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we might find that it is a 'should' that gives us the forward momentum. For example, 'I should exercise more'. However, it usually doesn't take very long for us to fall back into our habitual patterns, and any attempt at sustaining these changes becomes a formidable task.

Healing Movement: Learn more about how you let the old pattern back in. Sit quietly and ask yourself supportive and inquiring questions (not judgmental ones) like;
   - How does going back to the old habit support me?
   - What would it take in this moment to take a step toward the change I want to make?
   - What sensation am I noticing in my body right now?

Take note of what you find out. Awareness is key to any change process and any hindrance to making it sustainable.

2. How sustainability applies to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and why it's crucial for overall health.
Holistic well-being encompasses the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, recognizing that these facets of our lives are deeply intertwined.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle that spans the realms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, and its significance cannot be overstated for overall health. Just as a well-structured building requires a solid foundation, so too do all areas of your well-being. Whether it's maintaining a consistent exercise routine for physical health, nurturing positive thought patterns for mental well-being, or fostering emotional resilience in the face of challenges, sustainability ensures that the progress you make isn't a fleeting spark but a steady flame that illuminates your path to lasting vitality and equilibrium.

Holistic well-being is achieved when sustainability is applied to each dimension of health. Sustainability ensures that positive changes made in one area are not isolated but contribute to a comprehensive state of well-being. By addressing all four aspects, you can experience a more balanced and connected sense of health and fulfilment.

3. Practical techniques for making sustainable changes in your life, ensuring that the progress you've worked so hard to achieve endures.
Sustainability in well-being is, at its core, an acknowledgment that your healing journey is not a destination but is part of an ongoing journey. It's about embracing the understanding that lasting change doesn't happen overnight but is woven into the fabric of your daily life. 

Here are a few practical techniques to get you started:
   - Choose one thing to change at a time, and when that change is like 
     second nature move to the next;
   - Make sure what you are implementing is realistic and doable;
   - Take time to check in with yourself and see how the change is making you feel,
   - Be on the lookout for the old pattern wanting to come back in.

"It's the little things you do every day that creates your health and wellbeing." Dr. Robert Svoboda

To achieve the most success in making a sustainable change, you need to cultivate practices that seamlessly integrate into your routine. These practices should not be burdensome or demanding but rather empowering and enriching.

As you explore the landscape of sustainability, remember that it's the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

Ready to make lasting changes in your well-being? Join our Transformative Alchemy Weekly Support Classes, where we delve deeper into the concept of sustainability and provide you with the tools and community support needed to maintain positive transformations in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It's an opportunity to create sustainable, thriving, and holistic well-being that stands the test of time.

Linda ♡

PS: I put this information out for you, so please don't hesitate to let me know if it's what you need or not. I have a very quick few-minute survey to help me to help you. I would appreciate you filling it out and letting me know your thoughts.

PPS: Transformative Alchemy is an opportunity to practice the kind of things I write about in Trauma Bytes. The bonus is that you get to do this with a group of women who are focused on healing at a deep level. You can join at any time. I’d love to have you join us so you can access support while you go through your change process.

Do you know someone who might be struggling with the topics I write about in Trauma Bytes?

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About The Author - Linda Conyard
Rational Theorist, Visionary, Socialpreneur & Advocate Collective Healing

Linda has a Master of Gestalt Psychotherapy, is a Family Constellations Facilitator, and specializes in Trauma Recovery and Transgenerational Trauma Issues and Collective Trauma. She is very passionate about providing Trauma Sensitivity training to those who want to become more sensitive to trauma while working within any of the health, education, justice, and government systems.

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