UNnecessary Trauma

The Silent Assassin Infiltrating Our Health,
​Education, Justice and Government Systems

This book has grown out of my experiences with what I call 'UNnecessary Trauma'. This type of trauma occurs when harm is inflicted through encounters with individuals whose actions, intentionally or not, add to or trigger a trauma response needlessly. Much like many of my clients, I was unaware that my current challenges and repeating patterns were rooted in unresolved trauma. I lived my life in survival mode, believing that the self I had become was the only version of me possible. I didn’t recognise who I truly was beneath the layers of my past experiences. I had become the result of what had happened to me rather than the truth of who I was.

From a young age, I sensed deep within that the family violence I experienced wasn't okay, even as I subconsciously normalised it. My sense of unpreparedness was magnified when my second child was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at just six months old. Facing this reality was overwhelming, and I felt completely ill-equipped to handle the challenges ahead.

The unravelling of my unresolved trauma began when I started studying Gestalt Psychotherapy. It was through this education that the lingering impacts of my past became evident. Even though the traumatic events had ended, their effects continued to influence my life in profound ways.

Throughout the four years of my Master’s program in Gestalt Psychotherapy, I underwent 80 hours of personal therapy. This intensive inner work was crucial in helping me see what was outside my conscious awareness. I firmly believe that finding a therapist to support your journey is essential. Inner work is not a destination but a continuing journey of self-discovery and healing.

In this book, I share my experiences of UNnecessary trauma within our systems, aiming to highlight the stark difference between interactions with well-resourced and under-resourced people working within these structures. My intention is to bring awareness to the harm that can occur when those in positions of power or support are not trauma-sensitive.

This book is essential reading for anyone working within our systems—be it healthcare, education, justice, or government. By weaving my lived experiences of UNnecessary trauma throughout the book, I illustrate the contrast between healing experiences and UNnecessarily harmful ones. I hope this book sparks curiosity and an interest in becoming trauma-sensitive in every aspect of your life, reducing, or at least recognising, the impact you may have on others.

​**Do No Harm!**

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These are my special thanks to you for purchasing my book, and therefore supporting my work.

Thank You Offer #1

Trama Quiz

The Trauma Quiz provides a starting point for you to identify any symptoms of unresolved trauma you may be experiencing.

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6 Areas of Life Self-Assessment

The 6 Areas of Life Self-Assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation of these 6 areas of life; health, relationships, finance, time, spirituality and work or business.

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How do I regulate Worksheet

The "How do I regulate" Worksheet helps you explore and develop your comprehension of how you currently regulate your responses. It invites you to expand your awareness and inquiry before the trauma response.

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​How to Choose a Therapist Checklist

​"How to Choose a Therapist" Checklist assists in the process of selecting a therapist who aligns with your needs and preferences. It puts a little more choice into your decision. Instead of simply accepting that they will meet your needs because they are a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counsellor, it challenges you to ask if they have done their inner work. It is my personal belief that unless we have done and continue to do our inner work we don’t have the right to sit opposite those ready to commit to therapy.

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Meditation for Mind and Body

A Meditation for Mind and Body offers a practical resource for grounding techniques, promoting relaxation and stability during challenging times. The more you practice this the more easily you will be able to draw on it to quickly recalibrate your nervous system.

About the Author

Linda Conyard

I educate & partner with women, female entrepreneurs and female leaders in the Private, Health, Education, Justice, and Government sectors on the importance and transformational potential of recognising and healing UNnecessary Trauma.

​I have had my own business since 2006, and it has had as many iterations as I have, which is the result of my continuous studies in a wide range of varied fields. My specialty field is trauma, transgenerational trauma and collective trauma work.

​I live in a rural area about an hour from Brisbane City. Our place is filled with rescue animals and abundant wildlife, and it feeds my soul.

UNnecessary Trauma is my very first book. It has taken me a lot of years and commitment to my inner work to get to this point.

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