Tuesday, 12 March 2024

Linda-maree Conyard

Living Consciously and Purposefully through building our Intention.

The practice of intention invites us to live consciously and purposefully in every moment. In this week’s Trauma Bytes, we will dive into the importance of intentionality and explore how to nurture mindful awareness of our choices and actions. For some of you, it will be the beginning of embracing an intentional life guided by purpose and meaning. For others, this may be a reminder to be intentional in everything you do.

In this edition of Trauma Bytes, we'll explore:

  • ​What intentional living looks like and what it isn’t;
  • How to cultivate intention; and
  • The benefits of committing to living intentionally and practices to support you.

I truly hope you find the incredible difference intention makes in your daily life.

1. Here are some examples of what is intentional vs unintentional.

Intentional Living

  • ​Setting Daily Intentions
  • Mindfully focussing on one task
  • Set intentions for your day
  • Setting Boundaries for Personal Well-being
  • Cultivating Gratitude through Daily Reflection

Unintentional Living

  • ​Reacting Impulsively to Situations
  • Multitasking without Focus
  • Drifting through Daily Happenings
  • Overcommitting without Consideration
  • Neglecting Moments of Appreciation

Intention is a Way of Living where you bring consciousness to what you are doing and thinking and course-correcting whenever you are not in alignment with your values and goals.

2. How to cultivate intention.
Bringing consciousness to intention involves a deliberate practice of mindfulness and self-reflection. It requires us to be aware and clear of our values, desires, and goals and to align our actions with our deepest intentions. By fostering a spirit of intentionality, we awaken to the power of choice and agency in shaping our lives and creating our desired future.

Before solidifying our intentionality, we begin by cultivating awareness and clarity about our values, desires, and aspirations. This involves reflecting on what truly matters to us and what we want to manifest in our lives, as well as how we want to live our lives.

Setting aside moments for introspection, journaling, or meditation can help us connect with our innermost intentions. Once we have clear comprehension of our intentions, we can begin to align our thoughts, words, and actions with them.

3. The Benefits of Living Intentionally
A myriad of benefits can be experienced once we embrace intentionality in our lives. We may find our lives are enriched with clarity, fulfilment, joy, satisfaction, presence, embodiment, and peace. It allows us to live authentically, on purpose and aligned with the truth of who we really are. Through intentionality, we reclaim agency over our lives and invite the transformative power of conscious living into every moment.

This involves setting specific goals, creating action plans, and making conscious choices that support our intentions. Regular practice of mindfulness and self-reflection can help us stay aligned with our intentions amidst the distractions and busyness of everyday life. By nurturing a deep sense of purpose and direction, we can cultivate intention as a guiding force in our lives, empowering us to live with clarity, authenticity, and fulfilment.

5 Practices for Being More Intentional

  • Morning Rituals - Begin each day with a clear intention or affirmation, setting the tone for your day.
  • Mindful Decision-Making - Pause and reflect before making decisions, considering how each choice aligns with your values and long-term goals.
  • Journaling for Clarity - Dedicate time for journaling to explore your intentions, desires, and aspirations, fostering self-awareness and insight.
  • Visualisation - Practice visualising what you intend for yourself. For example, if you truly want yourself to be healthy, then visualise yourself in that state. Then, feel your heartfelt intention for that to be absolutely true. Feel what it would be like to be that healthy. As you continue to practice this visualisation, you may find that you start to make better choices in food and activity. Manifest this intention for this deepest desire for yourself, aligning your actions with your deepest intentions.
  • Regular Check-in - Set aside time for a regular check-in with yourself and review your progress with your intentions, ensuring alignment with your evolving aspirations and values. Take this time to also check on how often you are being intentional throughout your day. Make any adjustments to this that you need. It may be that you set up three times a day to check your intentions, morning, midday, and evening, and maybe you could add in bedtime.

As we embrace intention as a way of living, may we cultivate a deep sense of purpose and direction in our lives and invite the transformative power of conscious living into every moment. Through intentional practice and mindful awareness, may we embody the spirit of intentionality and create lives of clarity, fulfilment, and meaning. May we begin to live in the truth of who we really are and live with deep inner peace.

Feel free to adapt and integrate these practices into your day, knowing that each mindful effort you put in benefits you and those around you.

I love hearing from you and receiving your updates, so please keep them coming.

May you be well, may you be happy, and may you have inner peace.

Linda ♡

If you try out any offered practices, I’d love to hear how you found them and what you now understand that you didn’t before. I love, love, love hearing from you guys.

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